Transform Learning into Engaging Experiences.

We maximise learning outcomes with the most effective frameworks to maximise your return on investments.

eLearning Content design & Development Consulting

Consultative Approach

Understand your needs and being able to provide bespoke solution that can be dynamic, effective and efficient in delivering the result you want.

eLearning Content design & Development Consulting
eLearning Content design & Development Production

Direct Production Approach

Our production approach will deliver e-learning modules that are both engaging and beneficial to provide the best result you desire.

Customised Learning Solutions Tailored to Your Need.

Regardless of your content volume, we can scale to projects of any size with confidence to deliver the best results.

eLearning Content design & Development Comprehensive Solution

Comprehensive Solution

With our highly and widely skilled team members, we are a one-stop-shop for your learning needs. From instructional design to graphic design, Articulate development, as well as copy and scriptwriting, we can do it all!

eLearning Content design & Development Revitalise Existing Content

Revitalise Existing Content

Inject new life into your existing content. Infuse a fresh breath of energy into your existing content through unique designs, engaging interactions, and stunning animations.

eLearning Content design & Development Professional Voice Over

Professional Voice Over

Introduce another dimension, and draw more attention to your content with one of our professional voice talents. Let our wide-ranging selection of voice talents speak for your content.

eLearning Content design & Development On Location Video

On-Location Video Production

Videos are a way to increase knowledge transfer and retention effectiveness—leverage visual and auditory aspects of videos to transform your learning experiences—best for presentations, interviews, and demonstration of scenarios.

eLearning Content design & Development Animation Video

Animation Video

Animated videos are one of the best ways to capture the attention of your audiences. Careful and well crafted animated video stories are among the most flexible and effective ways of delivering a learning experience that is entertaining and engaging.

eLearning Content design & Development Gamification


Utilising a gamification e.g. rewards, levels, interactive etc. is one of the best ways to draw learners’ focus, resulting in the higher success of knowledge transfer and retention.

Our 4D Process

eLearning Content design & Development Approach Discover


Discover the right vision, objectives, and requirements is the first step to successfully delivering current and future needs.

eLearning Content design & Development Approach Design Visuer Lab


Applying user journey centric approach to design will create the best experience that is the most effective for your target audience.

eLearning Content design & Development Approach Develop


Action speaks louder than words! Time to put all the components together to realise the vision that you have set out to achieve.

eLearning Content design & Development Approach Deliver


Time to publish your work! We ensure your content delivery using HTML, SCORM, xAPI, and WCAG to derive the desired results through industry best practices!

Industries Covered





Frequently Asked Questions

Drop us an email [email protected] or fill-up the form below to get started. We would need to assess the project scopes to estimate the effort and timeline.

Our intuitive, scalable, and adaptive processes allow us to attend to projects of any sizes. Feel free to reach out to us to find out more.

We develop our e-learning modules using Articulate Storyline. The final deliverables can be in SCORM or HTML. Do check with us if you require other formats.

As much as we would like to offer a package price, there is no one size fit all package. We would need to assess your requirements to understand how we can help. After that, we will offer a comprehensive solution that will include the timeframe and budget based on the project scope.

We have an internal process that will ensure the quality delivery of our work. The method allows us to discover issues early, address them immediately to limit the risk, and control the budget and time.

We supply all source files to clients after each project so that clients have the flexibility of maintaining their content in-house: all you need is a software licence and some foundation skills in using Articulate.

eLearning Content design & Development Visuer Lab

About Visuer

Visuer is a team of skilled experts with many years of experience in various industries behind them. Our combined skills and expertise have enabled us to develop a practical approach to delivering eLearning solutions that work.

We strongly believe that learning is never a one-size-fits-all approach. We deliver any learning solution that will address our client’s challenges, goals, and needs while establishing a lasting and positive impact. We are committed to working with every client to address their specific needs and preferences. This understanding enables us to develop e-learning solutions carefully honed and tailored to maximise their effectiveness.

Digitalising your learning and development needs has become necessary in an age of constant digital evolution, innovation, and adaptation. Using the right technology with the proper techniques, we create customise solutions that are personalised, effective and user friendly.

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We are here to help. Please feel free to reach out if you have any question or want to talk about how our solutions can address your digital learning needs.

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