Video & Animation

Video and Animation for eLearning

Videos are are a powerful medium to deliver content and create the right impact at the right time. Learners and learning designers both love it for how they can deliver complicated information effectively, or tell stories in a relatable way that draws emotive responses, driving behavioural changes and achieving the objectives desired.

We have a deep understanding of this medium and how to maximise its effectiveness. Our dedicated team with our years of experience will bring your desired message and vision to life!

Powerful stories that draw emotive responses and drive behavioural change that matter

Thought-provoking, immersive messages that envelop learners

Communicate organisational vision, values and strategies that drive action

Transport learners into the worlds of the specialists and peers to better connect them

Learning Videos We Create

Story-driven Videos

We create story driven videos that engage emotionally. Take advantage of our professionally scripted stories that delivers realistic, relatable scenarios that learners can associate with.

Interview Video

Using one of the most effective methodologies, interviews, when conducted correctly, will draw the most genuine responses from a person that is in line with your business goals.

Blended Video

Videos blended with animated overlays is both engaging and will enhance the retention rate of the video’s message and intention. Most effective when used in promotional videos and product demonstrations.

Interactive Video

Realistic decision points, when weaved in at the right time, will create a highly engaging video that will achieve your learning objectives quickly and expertly.

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